Jun 04, 2018 6:30 PM
No Club Meeting- Board Meeting SCU 6:30pm
Old & New Board joint meeting. Review responsibilities ask questions of existing board members.



Board needs to discuss June 25th meeting. July 16th Steve Certa Safe Passage? Steve & Joe at convention. Schedule Fireside chat & induction ceremony. No speaker scheduled June 25th. Boards should start process of scheduling Million $ Meals, board meetings, DG visit, joint meetings with other clubs, ETC. Start process of using timelines for fundraisers, scholarship application & process, grants, schedule vote for approving scholarships, RYLA, PETS, pre PETS, RLI,  committee budgets, meal costs, Charities for 2 Million $ Meals, nominating slate of officers, committee chairs, other events that timeline would work- which software to use. Where to input/save this info on Clubrunner, virtual meeting possibilities. Budgets for club $ Committees due at next Board meeting. Update access for new officers & board members, signing new signature cards for credit cards, keys to PO Boxes, SSC Minutes to be posted? decisions on timeline for non paying members, dues amount for year & billing member timeline, paying District & RI & SSC  classification speeches by new Board members. Holiday party, speaker process all need to be understood. How to get new members involved on committees, new roles to be created & filled. Roger Denett Board & verify tax filings. Discuss hiring CPA for tax returns, what info is needed for returns, timeline for due dates, signatures required, Girl Scout Trust’s Trustee Certification signature for Eastern Bank July 2018.